Beauty Istanbul Turkey

It has been over 42 days since I last wrote a journal entry. I am currently in Cappadoccia's Goreme town, a very commercialized place for tourists to explore the Byzantine cave dwellings carved in the soft sandstone by clandestine Christians. 
Lets recap the last 42 days. Landing safely in Istanbul was a total surprise. I had not imagined that I would be in Turkey until 2002 and thus had not done any research or asked a single person about the city. I knew it had history, Haya Sofia Cathedral/Mosque, and Hammam baths still functioning. In my mind was snippets I had heard about Athens, Greece being chaotic, smoggy and unattractive... for some reason I assumed Turkey's Istanbul would be the same. 
At the airport I caught a bus to Aksaray in the city. As we hummed along the smooth highways and clean turns with glimpses of the sea of Marmara flashing on the right among the skyline of cranes and port equipment I turned to the Pakistani man sitting next to me and exclaimed "Turkey is a really modern and wealthy country!" I interrupted him telling me about how the WTC attack was a Zionist plot mounted by the CIA in order to justify increasing the number of US military installations in./around the Middle East. 
I told him that what he was telling me was the exact same thing that everyone in Pakistan had been saying and that he was just spewing out the program his country's media had fed him with out independent thought or significant direct experience. This is true of almost everyone on the planet I have seen so far actually. Whether western European, American, or Mainland Chinese, few have any direct experience with the building blocks of current events and most just spew out the "party line" of their ethnic group or national media. 
We are all members of our team, hope that the team knows best how to protect our interests and understand things that we don't have the time or access to understand directly ourselves. I am not qualified to do this justice, anyone interested in this sort of thing should see Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" or more recent works. 
Landing in Istanbul's Aksaray area at morning rush hour was a plunge into sheik European style and fashion. The sight of so many women in miniskirts and tight clothes also hit my brain like a tidal wave. How could there be so much affluence in Turkey? Every public and private fixture showed money, the streets were clean, the people indifferent to my grungy backpackerness shot into their stratosphere after 10 months in the Indian Subcontinent. 
People here walk straight ahead while looking to the side, they multi-task and show irritation with one another easily, they appear so distracted. I feel my own thoughts becoming less clear, more erratic like a flickering TV screen. 
The next three weeks in Istanbul are spent discovering that people here appreciate nostalgia, like to talk on a cell phone while puffing on the Nargile and drinking tea in an old Moslem cemetery, the headstones adorned with stylized turbans from the Ottoman era. The city of Istanbul's topography is the whole nation of Turkey in microcosm. The names of each area from a different city in Anatolia, and the people a mosaic laid over that reflecting the urban migration of 15-25 million Turks seeking more of something. 
Granada, Spain in reverse, Istanbul was the last bastion of Eastern Christianity in a rising sea of Ottoman Turk and Moslem control of the area until the 1490s when it succumbed to the inevitable and let the siege of the city end with the Ottoman Sultan Fateh sprinkling dirt on his head as a sign of humility and striding into the Haya Sophia to declare it a Mosque and Istanbul itself the jewel of a united Ottoman empire stretching from the edge of Western Europe to central Asia and north Africa. 
The style of the Mosques (some former Churches) in Istanbul is unlike any architecture in the world - each building a confident mix of bulbous and sharp elements pointing to another universe. 
My main occupation was exploring and eating. There is nothing like exposing the senses to the rich confusion of Turkish language and history to work up one's appetite for lightly sweet baklava and sobiyet, cheap fried fish sandwiches off the boats moored at Eminonu, spicy Adana kebaps on rice pilaf, Choban Shepard's Salad like good salsa missing cilantro, and Donor kebab. I had heard before of Donor Kebab and have of course seen the similarly cooked Greek Gyro my whole life but having the real thing done well was a whole new world. Layers of lamb on a huge vertical skewer rotating against heating panels on one side, good Donor Kebab's definition depends on your taste and tolerance for grease. 
I have seen every level of leanness available but my favorite is the donorist Donor - the one with a big slab of crispy fat at the top layer oozing the invigorating juices down the sides of the kebab as it spins, the musky lamb's flesh punctuated by intercalary layers of white fat. From a man whose family members frequently fight over the dangling earlobe of fat on the end of a good olive oil and rosemary marinated scorched lamb chop a la my mother the juicy doner in full glory is like an epiphany. 
The whole time in Istambul I slept outside in the garden of Konya Pansion, the cheapest place to stay in Sultanahmet with kitchen facilities and all the Japanese backpackers one could ever want. I think at its peak this pension had fully double the number any reasonable hotelier would want to cram into such a small building, Japanese men sleeping in hallway on half meter by one meter cushions, Japanese girls under the stairs in the storage area, five people out the garden among the tools and storage area.
The character and conscientiousness of the Japanese backpackers made this crowding not only tolerable but pleasant. Two people there that spoke fluent English were a Japanese architect living in NY and trying to get all the visas for central Asia (including the elusive Turkmenistan transit visa) named Kenichiro and one nervous Mallorcan flamenco guitarist Miguel.

Women in Turkey

Women in Turkey Turkey is an interesting example, from the aspect of the position of women, because it is a country which is influenced by all the contradictions of globalization and traditions. 
First of all, the great majority of the population in Turkey is Moslem. Today, women are observed in the forefront of various echelons of the administration of the state. 
However, there are still inequalities between women and men, and also between women from different sectors of society, in accessing important development sources, such as education, health and employment. 
For many years the position of women in society has improved gradually. Although there are some decrees in violation of the equality of men and women in the law, significant steps have been taken in recent years to alleviate this discrimination. 
A national mechanism has been established and some laws have been amended. The number of Women's Studies Centers set up in universities have reached 13, a Woman's Library was founded and a number of projects were put into practice by the governmental and non-governmetal organizations. 
Most importantly, a sensitivity has been created on the subject of discrimination against women, and this issue began to be perceived as a problem which should be discussed. Turkey has participated in all the international conferences on the subject of women and has signed many international agreements directly or indirectly related to women. 
Turkey also accepted without reservations the Action Platform which was adopted at the Fourth World Women's Conference held in Beijing in 1995, in which she participated with a large delegation completely composed of women. By the year 2000, the Republic of Turkey represented by the State Minister at the Conference undertook: •
To increase the ratio of literacy among women to 100 percent, • To decrease the maternal-child mortality by 50 percent, • To make the eight year primary education compulsory, and • To remove the reservations included in the Charter for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). 
In accordance with these undertakings, the compulsory primary education was extended to eight years and the reservations at CEDAW were removed.

Beauty female Japanese idol

Reon Kadena (かでな れおん Kadena Reon?, born February 19, 1986), also known as Kadena Leon or Minamo Kusano, is a Japanese model and actress. Kadena is a female Japanese idol whose photobooks and films largely feature her in revealing costumes, underwear and bikinis. She previously did nude photographs, but quit after gaining more attention.

Beautiful Filipina Women

Misa Campo (born January 23, 1987 in Montréal, Quebec) is a Filipina/Dutch model (person). Though she is a new model and her career hasn't exploded yet, she has become widely known and very popular among the people that have come across her. She currently is "working on her growing career as a model while being a barmaid in California." Misa Campo is my personal favorite!

6 Tips to Win the Heart of Beautiful Filipina Women

Beautiful Filipina women may just be the best partner to spend the rest of your life with. Sweet Filipinas have a unique beauty - both Asian and Latin, they are very hospitable and they are totally devoted to their husband, as part of the Filipino culture that they grew up in. They are very supportive and loving, not only to their spouses but also to their entire family.
 What's so special about dating charming Philippine Women

A great thing about beautiful Filipina women is that although they have a deep sense of being Filipino in them, as shown by their amicable and pleasant charm, they are also well aware of the Western culture, more so, of the American culture. Pretty Filipinas speak perfect English which is great because you don't need to learn the language to meet beautiful Filipinas.
Here are some tips and tricks on how to win the heart of a beautiful Pinay (Filipina woman) that you have set your heart on.
If you are still dating online and looking for relationship with Filipina beauties:
Make sure you consider that the girl lives in a different time zone so do not set chat times at 11 am Eastern Standard Time as that will be 11 pm in the Philippine Islands. Show your lady this early on that you are a very considerate man.
Learn some simple Filipino phrases and surprise her. Try the following:
Ang ganda mo - You are beautiful
Mahal kita - I love you
Iniisip kita lagi - I always think of you
When you are talking about your lives, be truthful. Filipina brides can sense if you are lying so if you have nothing good to say about a topic you are discussing, then better change the subject.
Short messaging is a big deal in the Philippines as there are a lot of people that actually use the text message function of their phone more than the call. So send her a sweet SMS once or twice a day just to let her know you are thinking of her.
If you have gone to the Philippines:
Acknowledge that in dating Filipina women, courtship will play a huge part. You really have to woo a Philippine bride and this does not necessarily mean that you have to shower her with gifts. A token of love or two will do and they do not have to be expensive. You do not need to bring gifts to her family members but note that, the parents will take this as a sign of respect so it is best that you have something in tow. Again, it does not have to be expensive. Aside from that, you would also have to make her friends like you which is basically something that you have to do in all ladies, unless you want to have a hard time making her like you.

Be wary of cultural nuances. In some parts of the Philippines, it may be frowned upon if you ask to sleep in the same room before marriage with beautiful Filipina women. Although this is rare and most cities are very open to having relations prior to being married, still, it is a good idea to be wary.
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Most successful women's football teams

 Women's football is a fast growing industry that attracts many fans, sponsors, and investors. Presently, there about 25 women's football teams all over the world. Although, female football players are not as popular as male football players and are not paid as well as male football players, the clear tendency is that things are going to change drastically over the next few years.
Wotmen's football has always been a controversial subject and will probably be controversial for years to come still. Nevertheless, the popularity of this type of sport as increased greatly lately. This tendency is mostly due to the hard working female football players and their coaches despite the negative position of many skeptics. Therefore, today, women's football is seen as a professional sport that looks confidently into the future.
There are now over 25 professional women's football teams. The most successful ones are representing Germany, Swede, the United States, Norway, China, and England. !6 national women's football teams compete for the FIFA women's world cup every four years. The leading women's world champion in football is the team from Germany. They have won one women's world cup in China in 2003 and they won five UEFA women's championships.
The last four championships were consecutively in 1995, 1997, 2001, and 2005. The team is now coached by Silvia Neid. One of the leading women's football players is Brigit Printz. She has been awarded many awards and prizes including two bronze medals at the Olympics in 2000 and 2004. For five competitive years from 2001 to 2005, she was elected German Women Football player of the year. She was also elected FIFA's women's world player of the year from 2003 to 2005. At the end of 2005, she reached the impressive number of ninety international goals. 
It is curious that in 2003 when Brigit Printz was offered a chance to play for the Italian Professional Male Football Club, she turned down the offer. Other successful German female football players are Inka Grings, Nina Kunzer, Connie Pohlers, and many others.
Another outstanding female football team is the Swedish national women's football team. In 1984, they won the unofficial European Championships. Female football is highly appreciated in Sweden. In 2003, one of the most watched sporting events in Sweden was the World Cup Final that took place in China. The current coach of the team is Thomas Dennerby. One of the most successful and world famous players on the team is Pia Sundhage. She scored 71 goals in 146 games. Other remarkable players on the Sweden women's foot team are Hanna Ljungberg and Victoria Svensson. 
Another one of the women's football teams that deserve special attention is the United States national team. Probably, the most spectacular of Women's football was when Brandi Chastain scored the golden goal in the 1999 FIFA women's World Cup. You could even say that it was the greatest goal in women's global female football. The United States defeated China five to four because of a penalty kick. Women's football is gaining popularity. As many as 7,000 players in Germany are engaged in female football.
There are many women's football teams as well as clubs in many counties for any category of player from children to seniors. The most successful Women's football clubs are in Europe. There are the following women's football clubs: FCC in Frankfurt, Germany and FCC Turbine Potsdam. Female football is no more considered distasteful as the English Football Association called in 1921. In fact women's football is transforming into a rapidly developing industry with great fans all over the world.

Beauty Leah Dizon

Leah Dizon (Ria Dizon?) (born September 24, 1986) is an American-born gaijin tarento, singer, and gravure idol in Japan.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, she moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2006 to pursue an entertainment career and made her recording debut on Victor Entertainment later that same year.

1986–2004: Childhood and youth
Dizon at an Oxnard, California car show in 2005.

Leah Donna Dizon was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 24, 1986. Her mother is of French descent and her father is half Chinese and half Filipino.
Her parents work as casino dealers. Dizon is the fourth of six children: she has two older brothers, an older sister, and two younger brothers. In an interview, she explains that she grew up listening to rock and R&B music and trained in dance.
Dizon has said that her mother was "very strict and monitored [Dizon's] spending habits". When she was 14 years old, she worked at a clothing store and eventually saved enough money to travel to Japan alone for a trip.

She attended the private Las Vegas Academy Of Performing Arts for her freshman and sophomore years but graduated from the public Eldorado High School in 2004, where she became active in theater.
At the age of 18, Dizon relocated to Los Angeles, California and attended college as a film major for her freshman year.

2005–2007: Destiny Line, early work, and career debut

While living in Los Angeles, Dizon worked as a promotional model for local car shows. Eventually, her photographs were posted online. It was reported that there were 2 million Google hits within an entire year, with the majority of the viewers being located in China and Japan.
Much of the attention received was attributed to her unique looks; she was asked by many Japanese fans—who had seen her photographs—to work in their country

which eventually prompted her to submit several demo tapes and dance videos to Victor Entertainment. An agent offered and signed her to a recording contact.
In March 2006, Dizon moved to Tokyo and began Japanese lessons alongside voice training. She released her first photobook, Petite Amie (which means "girlfriend" in French)

in October 2006—Petite Amie was ranked as the third best-selling photobook of 2006 and 2007. A few pictorials for various magazines followed.
Dizon made her musical debut under Victor Entertainment on February 14, 2007 with the single "Softly".
This was followed by "Koi Shiyō" , and "L・O・V・E U". which also peaked at 7 on the Oricon Weekly Chart. The title track is described as a "grooving, up-tempo dance song" and the single features 2 B-sides: "Could you be that one?" and "Aishiteru~ Love Story" (アイシテル~ Love Story?).

Koi Shiyō was used in a Lotte TV ad, while "Could you be that one?" was featured in a PlayStation 3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma TV ad, with Dizon starring in both commercials.
In September 2007, Dizon released her debut album, Destiny Line, under Victor Entertainment. The CD+DVD Edition contains 14 tracks, 10 of which she penned herself on the single PVs alongside a special album PV "Again and Again".
The CD Only Edition contains the digitally-released remix of "Koi Shiyō", called "Koi Shiyō (Yasutaka Nakata-Capsule Mix)".
After the release of Destiny Line, Dizon continued with two singles: "Love Paradox" and "Vanilla" (both 2008). Her second album, Communication!!!
was released on August 2008. "Under the Same Sky" was used as the theme song for the Japanese drama Tokyo Prom Queen. She made a guest appearance on the show as Naomi, the prom queen from the previous year.
In a September 26, 2008 blog post on her official website, she announced that she was engaged to Bun (分 Bun?), a Japanese stylist whom she had met while shooting "Love Paradox" seven months before.
Additionally, she wrote that she was expecting her first child in late April of the following year on her official website. On October 10, 2008, the couple married in a traditional Japanese ceremony.
These initial stages were chronicled and announced during her Communication!!! Album Tour several days after the marriage. Dizon was quoted as saying, "I have important news to tell you. I have actually got married! I'm pregnant, too. My family and I are very happy.
Now, I think they'll have a lot of difficulties and changes. Of course, it is a little scary. But also, I am interested and looking forward to beginning a new life." The couple's daughter, Mila (美蘭 Mira?), was born on April 24, 2009.

On February 14, 2010, Dizon appeared on live television and discussed making cookies for Bun. Subsequently, she confessed that their relationship had been aversive ever since the birth.

That same month, she was featured in a spread for Glamourous Magazine, where she discussed motherhood and her hopes to return to the entertainment industry.

It was her first magazine cover in nearly two years. On October 30, 2010, she confirmed news reports that she and Bun had separated and filed for divorce earlier that month, and she is currently seeking full custody of their daughter.

According to Dizon, the split was due to "busy schedules and inability to meet regularly differing opinions toward raising children" alongside "irreconcilable differences".