Episode 3: New York's Finest

Photographer: Mike Rosenthal

Aminat & Fo
Wall Street Brokers
Episode_3:_New_York's_Finest London & Allison
5th Avenue SocialitesEpisode_3:_New_York's_FinestNatalie, Teyona & Tahlia
Tourists in Times Square

Episode_3:_New_York's_FinestKortnie & Nijah
Soho Artists

Episode_3:_New_York's_FinestSandra & Celia


Episode 2: Find the Lights

Photographer: Nigel Barker

Allison Harvard
Episode_2:_Find_the_Lights Aminat AyindeEpisode_2:_Find_the_LightsCelia Ammerman
Episode_2:_Find_the_LightsFo Porter
Episode_2:_Find_the_LightsIsabella Falk
Episode_2:_Find_the_LightsKortnie Coles
Episode_2:_Find_the_LightsLondon Levi
Episode_2:_Find_the_LightsNatalie Pack
Episode_2:_Find_the_LightsNijah Harris
Episode_2:_Find_the_LightsSandra Nyanchoka
Episode_2:_Find_the_LightsTahlia Brookins
Episode_2:_Find_the_LightsTeyona Anderson

Cycle 12 Episode 1

Beloved Childhood Games
Photographer: Fadil Berisha

Allison Harvard
Double Dutch
Cycle 12 Episode 1Aminat Ayinde
London BridgeCycle 12 Episode 1Celia Ammerman
Hula Hoop

Cycle 12 Episode 1Fo Porter
Ring Around The Rosy

Cycle 12 Episode 1Isabella Falk

Cycle 12 Episode 1Jessica Santiago

Cycle 12 Episode 1Kortnie Coles
Monkey Bars

Cycle 12 Episode 1London Levi
Tug of War

Cycle 12 Episode 1Natalie Pack
Leap Frog

Cycle 12 Episode 1
Nijah Harris
Musical Chairs
Cycle 12 Episode 1
Sandra Nyanchoka
Hide and Seek
Cycle 12 Episode 1
Tahlia Brookins
Cycle 12 Episode 1
Teyona Anderson
Cycle 12 Episode 1