Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 3

Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 3, the third season of reality series Canada's Next Top Model, premiered on May 26, 2009 on CTV. Jay Manuel returned for his second season as the host.
Cycle 3 features 11 women competing to be able to win a $100,000 beauty contract with Procter & Gamble (P&G Beauty), a modeling contract with Elmer Olsen Model Management, and a feature editorial spread in FASHION Magazine. Encore presentations of the show air on A-Channel, Star! and FashionTelevisionChannel.
Production of Canada's Next Top Model wrapped at the end of March 2009. Cycle 3 was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, and the panel judges are Fashion Television’s Jeanne Beker, supermodel Yasmin Warsame, and Montréal photographer Mike Ruiz. Nolé Marin returns as creative director for the show.
This cycle's tagline is "It's time to break the mould!"
The finale aired on July 14, 2009 in which Meaghan DeWarrenne-Waller defeated Linsay Willier and won the competition.
20 finalists meet in Toronto, when they find that they are standing on 20 numbers. Jay picks 9 numbers and claims that those 9 are "real models, while the remaining 11 believe that they are no longer in the competition, but Jay then reveals that the 9 women he picked are truly real models and that the 11 of them actually are in the competition. Later, the 11 official contestants have their first challenge where they pose with the following animals:
They also find out that they're being photographed by Nigel Barker in the style of 80s glamour.
Alexandra quit after the photo shoot with the reasoning that she was in an apparent accident before the show, some believe it was because her photoshoot didn't go well. The Judges did not seem impressed or to believe her reasons for leaving the show. Jill lands in the bottom two for not working her best assets despite a good photo. The judges gave her a second chance and eliminated Tiffany because the judges feel like that she didn't have any passion for the competition.

New Zealand's Next Top Model

New Zealand's Next Top Model (NZNTM) is a New Zealand reality television series in which a number of young women compete for the title of New Zealand's Next Top Model.
The show is based on the hit American TV series America's Next Top Model, which was created/produced and hosted by television personality and former supermodel and talk show host, Tyra Banks.
The show started in America in 2003, to early commercial success and was first viewed on New Zealand television screens in late 2004.
The winner of the first cycle was 16-year old, Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie from Auckland.

The winner of the second cycle was 19-year old, Danielle Hayes from Kawerau.

New Zealand's Next Top Model was a ratings success in New Zealand. Cycle 1 secured a higher rating than America's Next Top Model on the TV3 network.
Cycle 1 has also finished airing in Australia on the FOX8 network with similar success, becoming one of the 10 most popular shows on subscription television in Australia and at times out-rating FOX8's heavily promoted Australian version of The Contender.
In October 2010, MediaWorks New Zealand renewed the show for a 3rd season, which will be broadcast on New Zealand screens by early 2011.

The Next Top Model

The Next Top Model is a Greek reality television show that forms part of the Top Model series. Greek supermodel Vicky Kaya (Greek: Βίκυ Καγιά) assumes the role of Tyra Banks from the original series as the head of the search as well as a mentor for the contestants. The first cycle premiered on October 12, 2009.
The basic premise of the series is a group of young female contestants who live together in a house for several weeks while taking part in various challenges, photo shoots and meetings with members of the modeling industry. Normally, one poor-performing contestant is eliminated each week until the last contestant remaining is declared "The Next Top Model" and receives a modeling contract along with other associated prizes.
The winner of the first cycle was 20-year-old, Seraina Kazamia from Crete, Greece.
The second cycle premiered on October 11, 2010.
Next Top Model contains approximately eighteen episodes and has started with eighteen contestants. At the end of most episodes, one contestant is eliminated. In rare cases a double elimination or no elimination is given by consensus of the judging panel.
Makeovers are administered to contestants early in the season (usually after the first or second elimination in the finals) and a trip to one or more international destinations is scheduled nearer the end of the cycle when a few girls remain in the competition.
Each episode of Next Top Model covers the events of roughly a week of real time and features a fashion challenge, photo shoot, a critique of each contestant and her performance by the judging panel lead by Vicky Kaya, and the elimination of one or more contestants.
The panel includes the former model Jenny Balatsinou, fashion designer Christoforos Kontentos and noted photographer Charis Christopoulos. Each episode is usually associated with a theme in the world of modelling the girls need to excel due to become a successful fashion model.
An episode usually begins with the contestants receiving training in an area concurrent with the week's theme. For example, contestants may get coached in runway walking, posing or applying make-up to suit various occasions. A related challenge soon follows and a winner is chosen by a judge. She receives some sort of prize and she is usually allowed to share the benefits with a certain number of other contestants of her choice.
The next segment is a photo shoot, and each contestant's performance will reflect heavily on her judging for that week. It features photo shoots such as bikini shots, beauty shots and posing in extreme circumstances.
The final segment of each episode is judging. A panel of judges fronted by the host and a number of fashion "experts" assessed task performance and potential. Each contestant's photo is then shown and evaluated by the judging panel. After all photos have been evaluated, the contestants leave the room as the judges deliberate. The elimination process is ceremonious, as one by one the host reveals and hands out the photos of the contestants that have not been eliminated, in order of merit, occasionally saying something to, "Congratulations. You are still in the running to becoming "The Next Top Model". The last two contestants who have not received their photos are brought up as "the bottom two" and the host critiques each one before revealing which of the two has been eliminated.

beautiful actress Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor (Hindi: करीना कपूर, pronounced [kəˈriːnaː kəˈpuːr]; born on September 21, 1980), often informally referred to as Bebo, is an Indian actress who appears in Bollywood films. During her career, Kapoor has received five Filmfare Awards and has been noted for her performances in a range of film genres; these include her work from contemporary romantic dramas to comedies, period films to major Bollywood productions, as well as less publicised independent films. beautiful_actress_Kareena_Kapoor

Born into a family where both her parents, Randhir Kapoor and Babita, and her elder sister Karisma were actors, Kapoor faced the media spotlight from a very young age, but did not make her acting debut until the 2000 film Refugee. Her melodrama Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... became India's highest-grossing film in the overseas market in 2001, and is one of her biggest commercial successes to date. After receiving negative reviews for a series of repetitive roles, Kapoor accepted more demanding parts in order to avoid being typecast, and was consequently recognized by critics for displaying greater versatility as an actress. Her portrayal of a sex worker in Chameli (2004) proved to be the turning point in her career and she was later noted for her performances in the critically acclaimed Dev (2004) and Omkara (2006). beautiful_actress_Kareena_Kapoor 
In 2007, Kapoor received her first Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her performance in Jab We Met, a romantic comedy directed by Imtiaz Ali. She went on to play the lead female role in the thriller Kurbaan (2009), for which she earned critical acclaim, and the drama 3 Idiots (2009), which became the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time. Having done so, Kapoor has established herself as a leading actress of the Hindi film industry. In addition to movie acting, Kapoor is a regular stage performer and has launched her own clothing line in association with being the brand ambassador for the retail chain Globus. Her off-screen life, including her relationship with actor Saif Ali Khan, is the subject of wide media coverage in India.

Adele Silva actress and model

Adele Silva (born 19 November 1980) is an English actress and television personality. Silva was born in Norbury, Greater London, was educated at the Sylvia Young Theatre School, and has been on stage and television since she was a girl.
Silva's first TV appearance was as Squeak in the 1989 Doctor Who story Survival. As a young girl Silva also appeared in Mr Majeika, The Bill and EastEnders.
Silva is best known for playing the role of Kelly Windsor in the television soap opera Emmerdale.
Silva first played this role from 1993 to 2000 before returning to the soap in 2005. Her plotlines have been amongst the most daring in the soap opera, including a relationship with her stepbrother and running off with one of her school teachers. When Silva returned in 2005, Adele Silva promised to be the “biggest bitch” in British soap.
During her period away from Emmerdale, Adele Silva appeared on Is Harry on the Boat?, Mile High, The Courtroom and the independent film Jam. Silva has appeared in men’s magazines like Front, FHM and Maxim,. Silva has also made appearances in the reality television shows Celebrity Fear Factor, The Salon, I'm Famous and Frightened! and Celebrity 5 Go Dating.
Silva left Emmerdale in late 2007 to pursue other roles, initially promising fans that Adele Silva would return to play Kelly in late 2008, Although it has been reported in January 2008 that she will not be returning to the show "in the immediate future." It was announced on 5th November, 2010 that Adele is to return to "Emmerdale" in early 2011.
Silva appeared in the third series of Hell's Kitchen where she came second to Barry McGuigan.
Silva had a lead role in the short film Karma Magnet alongside Gary Kemp, which was directed by Martin Kemp. Silva also appeared on Celebrity Weakest Link, which she won.
In September 2008, following her success in Hell's Kitchen, Silva released her own limited edition selection of wines as part of a new Internet reality show "Mistress of the Vines", in association with wine merchants Stowells.
Adele Silva also made a cameo in the cult horror movie Doghouse starring Danny Dyer and Noel Clarke.
Adele took part in a celebrity version of TV show Total Wipeout which aired on 26 December 2009.
In August 2010 Silva was announced as starring in the comedy horror film Strippers Versus Werewolves.
Silva had a long term relationship with Blue singer Antony Costa, which broke-up in November 2006.

After rehab release, more uncertainty for Lohan

LOS ANGELES – Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to be released from the Betty Ford rehab center in Palm Springs sometime Monday, only to face an uncertain career and looming legal issues.
For months, the actress has been haunted by her inability, or unwillingness, to shake a 3 1/2 year old drunken driving case that resulted in two rehab stints and two trips to jail in 2010 alone.
And now she also remains under investigation for alleged misdemeanor battery on a Betty Ford worker and needs to satisfy a criminal judge that she's been in compliance with her probation terms during her three-month stint at the Ford center.
Still, experts say Lohan has a good shot at recovery. Provided, of course, that she wants it, changes her party girl lifestyle and remains in continued therapy.
If a New Year's Day message posted on her Twitter account is any indication, the "Mean Girls" star seems ready to do just that. "Today is the first day of the rest of my life," it said. '"The future depends on what we do in the present.' -Mahatma Gandhi... One step at a time..."