Charlene Tilton | popular culture

Tilton was born in San Diego, California, the daughter of Katherine, a secretary.
Notably, Tilton is 4'11" (1.50 m) tall. Tilton has had a varied career in show business. She is best known for playing Lucy Ewing, the sly, vixenish, frequently frustrated granddaughter of Jock Ewing in the popular television series Dallas from 1978 to 1985 and from 1988 to 1990 and also on Knots Landing in 1980.
In addition to several appearances on various TV shows, Tilton has also appeared in feature films (including a cameo appearance in the John Milius film Big Wednesday), although these garnered little attention. Tilton is also a singer, singing her own vocals on a 1978 episode of Dallas. She also released a dance-pop single "C'est La Vie" in 1984 which became a hit in several countries in Europe, including staying at 1 in Germany.
She appeared on Circus of the Stars in 1979 and 1991, on one occasion acting as a knife thrower's target girl in a gold bikini.
Tilton was the guest host on Saturday Night Live on February 21, 1981. The episode in question featured a parody of the famed "Who Shot J.R.?" episode of Dallas. In the episode, cast member Charles Rocket was shot in the chest by a sniper while doing a sketch about a sexy couple (with Gail Matthius as his partner) bathing a dog and spouting innuendo.
At the end of the show, as cast members traditionally gathered around the host to say good night, Tilton asked Rocket how he felt about being shot. In character, a wheelchair-using Rocket improvised, "Oh, man, it’s the first time I've ever been shot in my life. I'd like to know who the fuck did it".
She did a number of commercials in the 1990s for the Abdominizer workout equipment. She appeared as herself in an episode of Married... with Children where her involvement with the "Abdominizer" was spoofed.
In 2005, she appeared in the British reality TV show, The Farm.

Tilton was married to country singer Johnny Lee from 1982 to 1984 and to Domenick Allen from 1985 to 1992. She has one daughter, Cherish Lee, born in 1982.

Bikini News | Bikini in popular culture

Bikini News is a series of satirical news videos featuring two comedians performing in bikinis in a comedic style similar to The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live.

It includes sketch comedy elements, including plotlines where the main characters marry and have romantic affairs with ninjas. It is available in podcast and vodcast form, as well as in mov and kago wmv file formats. Over 90 episodes and 80 bloopers/sketches were created, between November 2006 and December 2007.

The main characters in most of the episodes are Mary Clark (played by actress Penny Drake) and Jen Jackson, although early episodes featured other performers, including Wild 'N Out actress Cameron Goodman and Kari Byron of Mythbusters fame. Several skits include the main characters pretending to be celebrities, such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Donald Trump.

The characters also produced their own video blogs chronicling events behind the scenes, as well as rants, questions to the audience and comedic sketches.

Views on live for the show fluctuated between 20,000 and 400,000 views per episode. Statistics on other sites not available. According to the front page of on March 21, 2007, the show was the most downloaded on the site.

The show has been described as "fantastic" by top podcast The Daily Reel.

Sexy Bitch | Bikini in popular culture

"Sexy Bitch" (retitled "Sexy Chick" when censored), is a song recorded by French producer David Guetta.

It features Senegalese-American R&B singer Akon and was released digitally on July 24, 2009, worldwide and later on July 28 in the United States. It is the second single from Guetta's fourth studio album One Love following "When Love Takes Over".

The song uses melody inspired by the previous hit "Tainted Love" made popular by Soft Cell and has become a worldwide hit, reaching the top spot on thirteen different charts so far. Additionally, the song also appears in DJ Hero as part of downloadable content.

"Sexy Bitch" was praised by Entertainment Weekly, which called it "a thumping club jam with R&B star Akon." The song was praised by Michael Menachem of Billboard, saying "don't be surprised if this track takes over dancefloors as the summer ends." Digitalspy gave it 3/5 stars, criticising the lyrics while admitting that "the beats and big old hook [were] enough to make | the song | bearable."

Bikini contest | Bikini in popular culture

The bikini in popular culture appears in competitions, films, magazines, music, literature, magazines and even video games.

Despite the easy availability of more revealing glamor imagery, bikini modeling remains popular and can still stir controversy. As a matter of fact, the popular culture portrayals of the bikini led, to a large extent, to its acceptance by society at large. In 1960, Brian Hyland's pop song "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" inspired a bikini-buying spree.

By 1963, the movie Beach Party, starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, led a wave of films that made the bikini a pop-culture symbol. Playboy first featured a bikini on its cover in 1962. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue debuted two years later. This increasing popularity was reinforced by its appearance in contemporary movies like How to Stuff a Wild Bikini featuring Annette Funicello and One Million Years B.C featuring Raquel Welch.

Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Gina Lollobrigida and Jane Russell helped the growing popularity of bikinis further. Pin up posters of Monroe and Mansfield, as well as Hayworth, Bardot and Raquel Welch distributed around the world contributed significantly to the popularity of the bikini.

A bikini contest is a beauty contest where women compete against each other in bikinis. Bikini contests can take place in bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, on beaches, and at beauty pageants. Related companies regularly sponsor such contests to discover and attract new talents to promote their products. Bikini contests can also take place over the Internet by women submitting pictures of themselves in bikinis.

Contestants often wear sashes indicating where they are from in bikini contests, in line with other beauty pageants. It is becoming more and more common for women to wear bikinis as part of the swimsuit competitions at major pageants. Participants in some beauty contests, such as the Miss Teen USA pageant, are required to wear bikinis as part of the competition.