Eva Green hot Candids photos

Eva Green born on July 5, 1980, in Paris, France, She played Isabelle in The Dreamers and Sibylla of Jerusalem in Kingdom of Heaven, but is making her biggest impact since being cast as Bond's leading lady in Casino Royale.

Megan Fox CKM Magazine 2009

Here’s Megan Fox posing for CKM Magazine, in the November 2009 issue. She’s actually posing in bikini, MF is super hot, but I reckon she'd be temperamental as a person........... very fiery
I would have liked to see more from Megan, We’ll just have to wait more, and hopefully she’ll throw us a bone to chew on…

Alyssa Milano swimwear Candids on Miami Beach

Alyssa Milano - swimwear Bikini Candids on Miami South Beach She needs to watch out for the sun, her complexion is fair and it wouldn't take much for her to redden up...... Glad she's gone back to brunette, but prefer the shorter hairstyle