Austria's Next Topmodel

Austria's Next Topmodel is an Austrian reality documentary based on Tyra Banks America's Next Top Model that pits contestants against each other in a variety of competitions to determine who will win title of Austria's Next Topmodel, with a prize including an advertising campaign deal for Swarovski as well as a spot among the top 20 of the fourth Cycle of Germany's Next Topmodel.

The host of the show is Lena Gercke, the first winner of Germany's Next Topmodel who is also the first winner of a Top Model franchise that later becomes a host of another Top Model show. The jury will also consist of the head of vienna-based agency Wiener Models Andrea Weidler and Dutch-born runway coach Alamande Belfor.
Before the show began, it caused controversy because of another modeling contest named Österreichs (German for "Austria's") Next Topmodel, which was established in 2007. Dominik Wachta, founder of what can be described as a mix between a model casting and a beauty pageant, accused the TV channel Puls 4 for stealing his idea. Further steps to change the name of the show have been unsuccessful as it was already licensed by CBS as the role-model version created by Banks.
The first Cycle was aired in January and February 2009 and saw victory for 16-year-old Larissa Marolt from St. Kanzian am Klopeinersee. As her victory was announced, she was directly carried via helicopter to Munich and from there to Los Angeles where she would meet her competitors for winning the 4th title of Germany's Next Topmodel as the show was shot there and is scheduled to start airing one week after the final of Austria's Next Topmodel where Larissa achieved the 8th placement.

The show had a spin-off called Die Model WG where six of the girls once again moved together and got filmed over ten weeks trying out to breakthrough in the modelling business.
The second Cycle started in late 2009 and with the theme More Girls, More Jet Set, More Glamour it was promising a radical change. Amanda Belfor was replaced by former model and photographer Dominique Andreas Ortner and beauty expert Sabine Landl, who styled the girls in Cycle 1, joined the jury. Gercke and Weidler remained. However, many of the changes were not welcomed by the viewers and many did not agree with the choice of winner Aylin Kösetürk, who failed to achieve any significant success after her victory.

The third Cycle will premier in January 2011 and will also be hosted by Lena Gercke who will judge alongside designer Atil Kutoglu and runway coach Elvyra Geyer

Miss Global Beauty Queen

Miss Global Beauty Queen is a cities pageant that was debuted in 2005.
The First Pageant was in 2005. The winner in 2005 was Miss Brisbane, Australia. The Previous winner was Miss Bangkok, Thailand in 2009.
These pageants, organized by Alex Liu, used to be held within three weeks of each other, with some of the contestants representing cities, not countries competing in both.
International Model of the Year (IMOTY) is a model contest, while Global Beauty Queen (GBQ) is a beauty contest.
After the 2007 event it was decided to hold IMOTY as a separate pageant, finally held in 2009. Also in 2009 GBQ was held jointly with a new pageant, Miss International Beauty, due to circumstances in China beyond the control of the organizers.

Welcome To Top Model Prep

 35 girls arrived in Los Angeles at "Top Model Prep" where they met Mr. Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander. They shot a class photo before commencing runway lessons with Miss J., where Lauren was seen as the weakest walker. Next, the girls attended a bonfire where the "Homecoming Queen" was going to be announced.
 The cheerleaders by the stage were revealed to be a few contestants from past cycles. Mr. Jay then announced that the finalists would be taken to New York City. The homecoming queen turned out to be Tyra, who surprised the girls by coming out from behind the curtains. Casting interviews then commenced.
In between interviews, a fight broke out between Shaya (revealed to be a niece of Muhammad Ali) and Fatima, but they later forgave each other when Fatima revealed that she was a survivor of female circumcision. However, returning applicant Marvita (failed to join Cycle 9) gave somewhat offending comments about her revelation.
Memorable auditions included Stacy Ann's lap dance, Fatima telling the judges about her genital mutilation, and Claire's confession about drinking her own breast milk so that her baby could breastfeed when she returned home. After the interviews, the girls were pared down to the final 20, where they participated in a senior class photo shoot in which they had to do their own hair and make up.
 Later in the day, Tyra revealed the final 13. When she called "Aimee/Amy," both advanced, and Amy offered to change her name to avoid confusion. When the thirteenth girl was chosen, Tyra mentioned that so many girls had potential, but chose Dominique as the fourteenth and last finalist.
Special guests: Furonda Brasfield, Joanie Dodds, Michelle Babin, Amanda Babin, Jael Strauss

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 10

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 10 was the tenth cycle of America's Next Top Model and the fourth season to be aired on The CW network. The promotional catchphrase of the cycle is "New Faces, New Attitude, New York."
 The promotional song was "Feedback" by Janet Jackson.

 The winner, similar to the past three cycles, won management and representation by Elite Model Management, a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, a billboard in Times Square with her CoverGirl ad, and a cover and six-page spread within Seventeen magazine. This season averaged 4.23 million viewers.
The winner was 20 year old Whitney Thompson from Atlantic Beach, Florida, making her the first plus-sized model to win.

Miss World 2007

Miss World 2007, the 57th Miss World pageant was held at the Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, People's Republic of China on December 1, 2007. It was hosted by Fernando Allende and Angela Chow. Zhang Zilin of the People's Republic of China won the crown and succeeded Miss World 2006, Taťána Kuchařová of the Czech Republic. At an official press conference called on July 7, the Miss World organization announced that the delegates were expected in Sanya by November 2. They visited a number of popular spots in mainland China and view the preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games. A total of 106 contestants competed for the crown, making it the third largest edition, tied with 2003.
Unlike 2005 and 2006 editions, Miss World 2007 did not have "continental zones" in the selection of the semifinalists i.e. all the contestants vied for the 10 semifinals spots. Another 5 spots were for the winners of the Beach Beauty, Sports, Top Model, Talent, and Beauty With A Purpose contests, but there was a tie in the Beauty With A Purpose contest, so the number of semi-finalists increased to 16. The format was similar to that used in 2004, with the exclusion of the "Contestant's Choice" award.
The 106 contestants recorded the official torch relay anthem Light the Passion, Share the Dream for the 2008 Olympics Games as a major cooperation between the Beijing Olympic Committee and Miss World Limited. The song had its first broadcast to a global audience at the 57th Miss World final on December 1.
In addition, to coincide with World AIDS Day, the pageant presented a special tribute to the fight against AIDS, with a televised speech from former South African President Nelson Mandela and the presence of his daughter and grandson, along with traditional dancers from South Africa who joined the contestants in a special song.

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11 is the eleventh cycle of the reality series America's Next Top Model created by supermodel and television personality Tyra Banks. This was the fifth season to be aired on The CW network. The promotional catchphrase of this cycle is "Feel The Love."
Approximately the first half of the competition took place in Los Angeles, moving the show back from New York City where it was held last season. The international destination for the final episodes of the cycle was Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The promotional song was "When I Grow Up" by the Pussycat Dolls.
The winner was 19-year-old Brittany "McKey" Sullivan, from Lake Forest, Illinois.

Italian's Next Top Models

Italia's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 is the second season of the Italian reality television show based on the American program of the same name. It is broadcast on SkyVivo, a channel of the Italian subscription television Sky TV. It began airing in September 2008 and is currently airing.
The host is once again the Russian top model and actress Natasha Stefanenko. The other permanent judges are Micheal Giannini, art director and talent scout of model agency d’Management, former top model, Gianni Versace's and Giorgio Armani's muse Nadege du Bospertus and fashion Journalist Giusy Ferrè. Recurring judges are photographer Ciro Zizzo and photographer Settimio Benedusi.
Michela Maggioni ended up being the winner of this cycle thus receiving a richer prize consisting of a one-year-contract with d’Management Group as well as a 150,000 € contract with Max Factor to become its face for the 2009 Italian campaign.
Ex top model and Gianni Versace's muse Nadege du Bospertus was a less strict judge during Cycle 1, her conversion into a harsher judge is aimed at making the competition tougher for the contestants, who are heavily criticized by this judge with harsh and ruthless remarks for every single detail on runways or on photos. Actually, producers and judges intended to raise the level of the competition for this season by picking fresher and more high-fashion-looking girls and by putting the aspiring models under increasing pressure, with a more severe evaluation at panel, in order to select a winner that can truly work in the fashion world like Gilda Sansone who won Cycle 1. These changes have made Italia's Next Top Model one of the toughest Top Model spin-offs, compared to the more relaxed attitude of ANTM, and have been welcomed by the viewers.
After months of castings throughout Italy the 30 pre-selected semi-finalists arrive in Milan. They are welcomed by Natasha Stefanenko, the host, and Michael Giannini, art director of d'Management, in a modern luxury hotel where the final castings will take place. Soon the girls start their individual evaluation in front of a panel made up by Natasha, Michael, former top model Nadège, model scouts Danilo Di Pasquale and Anna Peggion. Interesting and determined contestants show up at panel, such as Claudia B. coming from a small village in Sardinia, Claudia C., a karate expert, Diletta the soccer player, Beatrice, with an ethereal modelesque look, Claudia M. with a wonderful body and a bubbly personality, Giorgia, who shows great self-confidence despite her body flaws and Amy, the Ivorian woman with a hard past reflected in her eyes. Unfortunately, only 20 will continue to the final choice, and the girls are asked to show their walks and potential.
Later on, Natasha reveals the 20 aspiring contetants that have passed the selection and some tears are shed by the eliminated ones. But there is no time for rest for the others, since they must face a photoshoot to show their facial intensity to the judging panel.
After the judges' deliberation Natasha welcomes the girls at the final cast selection. Once chosen, the selected contestants show happiness and joy, but, while leaving the hotel, some of the rejected girls express rude remarks about some picked ones or by saying the judges will regret not casting them.
The 14 finalists are sent to the exclusive sea resort of Santa Margherita Ligure to be immediately tested by facing their first photoshoot with famous photographer Settimio Benedusi who also worked for Sports Illustrated. The contestants must pose on rocks with aggressive but modelesque attitude in front of the Ligurian sea while wearing bikinis. Some need to be coached, others perform naturally.
Later the excited girls enter their Milan home, but Natasha's letter inform them they will be judged the following day.
At their first judging Amy and Michela are highly praised for their effortless performance, Beatrice is noted for her high fashion features, whereas Claudia B. disappoints the judges with her unacceptable shot and Noemi produces a vulgar photo. Giorgia and Giulia are told to work on their bodies.
Noemi and Claudia B. land in the bottom two for being uncomfortable at the photoshoot and Claudia B. is sent home for losing her determination in front of the camera and having a bad body posture.

German mag swaps thin models for real women

BERLIN Germany's most popular women's magazine announced Monday that it is banning professional models from its pages in favor of "real women" in an attempt to combat an unhealthy standard of rail-thin beauty that it says has alienated its readers. The editor-in-chief of Germany's bimonthly Brigitte told reporters that, starting next year, the magazine will feature a mix of prominent women and regular readers in photo spreads for everything from beauty to fashion to fitness.
Andreas Lebert said the move is a response to readers increasingly saying that they are tired of seeing "protruding bones" from models who weigh far less than the average woman.

"We will show women who have an identity — the 18-year-old student, the head of the board, the musician, the football player," Andreas Leberts said in Hamburg, where the magazine, published by Gruner+Jahr, is based.
Fashion centers around the world have begun trying in recent years to combat the size 0 look that has come to dominate the fashion industry, contributing, some experts say, to eating disorders and poor body image.

In 2004, the Dove beauty products company launched its own "Campaign for Real Beauty" that included print and billboard ads showing "real women," of all shapes and sizes, posing in their underwear.

In 2007, the U.S. Council of Fashion of Designers of America issued voluntary guidelines to curb the use of overly thin models.
Fashion officials in Madrid set a minimum body-mass index, and those in Milan tightened restrictions. Efforts gained urgency after 21-year-old Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston died of anorexia in November 2006, weighing 88 pounds (40 kilos).

A new standard of beauty?
On its Web site, Brigitte announced to readers that "A New Epoch has Begun" and women to submit a portrait and full-body photos of themselves to considered for a photo shoot.

"We will pay the same fee as we would for professional models," Lebert said, adding that the magazine views the move as an investment.

Lebert said his magazine's move "should not be understood as a declaration of war on the modeling profession."

"We are not going to become a magazine for plus-sizes," he said.

Brigitte has suffered a steady drop in readers over the past 20 years but, with more than 719,000 copies sold per issue, it remains Germany's most-read women's magazine.
Louisa von Minckwitz, who owns the German-based Louisa Models agency, told The Associated Press she believed the ban on models was a marketing gag that would not last for long.

"Women want to see clothes on a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing person," von Minckwitz said.

Aria Asia Anna Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento

Aria Asia Anna Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento (born 20 September 1975) is an Italian actress and director.

Her mother is actress Daria Nicolodi and her father is Dario Argento, an Italian film director, producer and screenwriter, well known for his work in the Italian giallo genre and for his influence on modern horror and slasher movies. Her great-grandfather was composer Alfredo Casella.

When Asia Argento was born in Rome, the city registry office refused to acknowledge Asia as an appropriate name, and instead officially inscribed her as Aria Argento. She nonetheless uses the name Asia Argento professionally. Argento has said that as a child she was lonely and depressed due, in part, to her parents' work. Her father used to read her his scripts as bedtime stories. At age eight, Argento published a book of poems. At the age of 14, she ran away from home. She was an introvert and read to make up for having no friends.

In an interview with Filmmaker Magazine she stated that she was agoraphobic while she was writing Scarlet Diva and that she could not leave her apartment for months. She said: "I was afraid to go out of my apartment for a long time, I could only go out to work."

Argento has mentioned in interviews that she does not have a close relationship with her father. She has mentioned that he was absent when she was a child. She has also mentioned that she did not have a happy childhood. Regarding her relationship with her father and her reason for acting, she has stated that:

I never acted out of ambition; I acted to gain my father’s attention. It took a long time for him to notice me – I started when I was nine, and he only cast me when I was 16. And he only became my father when he was my director. I always thought it was sick to choose looking at yourself on a big screen as your job. There has to be something crooked in your mind to want to be loved by everybody. It’s like being a prostitute, to share that intimacy with all those people.

Asia Argento started acting at the age of nine,[8] playing a small part in a film by Sergio Citti.[6] She also had a small part in Demons 2, a 1986 film written and produced by her father, at the age of 10, as well as its unofficial sequel, La Chiesa (The Church), when she was 14, and Trauma (1993), when she was 18.[5] She received the David di Donatello
(Italy's version of the Academy Award) for Best Actress in 1994 for her performance in Perdiamoci di vista!, and again in 1996 for Compagna di viaggio, which also earned her a Grolla d'oro award. In 1998, Argento began appearing in English-language movies, such as B. Monkey and New Rose Hotel.
Argento has proven her ability to work in multiple languages, adding French, with a role in 1994's La Reine Margot. That same year, she made her first foray into directing, calling the shots behind the short films Prospettive and A ritroso. In 1996, she directed a documentary on her father, and in 1998 a second one on Abel Ferrara, which won her the Rome Film Festival Award.

Argento directed and wrote her first movie, Scarlet Diva (2000), which her father co-produced. Four years later she directed her second movie, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2004), based on a book by JT LeRoy, the pen name of Laura Albert, this time in the United States. According to a Paris Review interview with Laura Albert, Argento and Savannah Knoop, who played the role of JT's public persona, became lovers.

In addition to her cinematic accomplishments, Argento has written a number of stories for magazines such as Dynamo and L'Espresso, while her first novel, titled I Love You Kirk, was published in Italy in 1999. She has modeled for and endorses the brand "Miss Sixty". She became a fan of the band Hondo Maclean when they wrote a track named after her. She liked the track so much she sent them pictures which they used as the cover of their 2003 EP Plans for a better day.

From 17 to 25 October 2006, Argento contributed a video diary to Nick Knight's website, SHOWstudio. The title of the 54 entries/episodes was "Don't Bother To Knock" and detailed Argento's daily life with three entries (noon, 6 pm and midnight) posted every day. The content of the entries were partially controlled by a discussion forum and together formed a cohesive whole, a sort of "mini-movie" anyone could view for free. In the clips Argento discusses topics such as freaks, her father, Federico Fellini and her sexuality; she also journals a pregnancy, a new love interest and her unraveling psyche. The last visual of the diary is a digitally manipulated portrait of Argento taken by Knight, slowly burning away.
She appeared in Placebo's music video for "This Picture", and appeared on Placebo frontman Brian Molko's cover version of "Je t'aime... moi non plus". Argento has also starred in Catherine Breillat's period drama, Une vieille maîtresse (The Last Mistress).

She dubbed the Italian version of the video game Mirror's Edge in the role of the runner Faith Connors.
Argento has been part of the Legendary Tiger Man's project Femina, which was released on 14 September 2009. She is featured on the song "Life Ain't Enough for You", which was released as a single along with the B-side "Il Mio Stomacco É Il Piu Violento de Tutta Italia", in which she also contributes vocals.
Besides Italian, she also speaks fluent Finnish[citation needed] and English. She can also speak French, which she learned for her role in Les Morsures de L’Aube.

Her first child, Anna Lou, was born on 20 June 2001. Italian rock and roll musician Marco Castoldi (lead singer of Bluvertigo), also known as Morgan, is the father.[4] She named her daughter after her half-sister Anna Ceroli, who died in a motorcycle accident.She and her daughter live in Rome.
Asia married film director Michele Civetta on 27 August 2008 in Arezzo. Her second child, Nicola Giovanni, was born on 15 September 2008 in Rome.