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Sexy Battle Girls (狙われた学園、制服を襲う, Nerawareta gakuen: seifuku o osou?) is a Japanese Pink film directed by Mototsugu Watanabe and starring Kyoko Hashimoto, Hotaru Yukijiro and Yutaka Ikejima.

the first release of this film is June 1986. The first appearance in the United States was at the San Francisco Independent film festival on February 14, 2009. The film was released on DVD in the United States on February 23, 2009.

A high school girl, Mirai gets transferred to a private school for her father's order. She gets a new friend, but she finds out the evil deed the school master is doing to the school students, which is to supply young bodies to rich politicians. Moreover, the school's headmaster has taken her mother away from her and her father. She undergoes special training, and fights her way to sweet revenge!

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Malvina Longfellow (March 30, 1889 – November 2, 1962) was a stage and silent movie actress of the early 20th century.
Born in the city of New York, Malvina's mother was Julia Langfelder and her sister was Lilyan Cohen. Longfellow attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. She was a member of the senior class of 1908 – 1909.
In December 1909 Longfellow was in The Watcher, a play with a psychic theme, staged in Baltimore, Maryland. Written by Cora Maynard, the presentation featured the actors Cathrine Countiss, Percy Haswell, Thurlow Bergen, and John Emerson. It was enacted at the Auditorium Theater, produced by the Shubert brothers. The plot is carried out in four acts and has to do with an impoverished New York family, the Kents. Their mother influences their lives after dying early in the play. In January 1910 the theatrical drama of spiritism played the Shubert Theater on 41st Street between Broadway (Manhattan) and 6th Avenue.
Longfellow was part of a program of entertainment at the Century Theatre for British-American War Relief, in January 1916. Kitty Gordon, Eleanor Painter, Eugene Ormonde, and Paul Draper were also a part of the event. By 1916 Longfellow was married to a British officer who had served in the Dardanelles for six months in 1915.
She was in motion pictures beginning in 1917 with a role in The Will of the People. Her many film appearances include parts in Adam Bede (1918), The Romance of Lady Hamilton (1919), Calvary (1920), Moth and Rust (1921), Phroso (1922), The Wandering Jew (1923), The Indian Love Lyrics (1923), and The Celestial City (1929). German producer, Ernst Lubitsch, wanted her to make a movie about Lord Nelson in 1921. She was to star as Lady Hamilton opposite Reinhold Scheunzel.
Longfellow gave testimony to a coroner's inquest in London, England, in January 1919. The coroner's jury found Reggie De Veulle guilty of supplying British actress, Billie Carleton, with cocaine. Carleton was discovered dead in her London hotel in December 1918. Longfellow testified that she knew of Carleton's addiction to drugs and had tried unsuccessfully to counsel her to stop using them. Longfellow told the court that she asked De Veulle to quit providing Carleton with drugs. She told him on the night of Armistice Day that there would be trouble if he continued to do so.
E.O. Hoppé, an international beauty expert and photographer, selected Longfellow as one of the world's most beautiful women, in November 1922. An Englishman, Hoppe was quoted as saying, Of all the women in the world the English and American women are the most beautiful. The superiority of the American eyes with their jol de vivre balances the English superiority of ankles and coiffure. Others picked by him were Marion Davies, Mrs. Lydig Hoyt, Lady Lavery, and Viscountess Maidstone.

Julia Langfelder died in 1938. Her funeral was conducted at Riverside Memorial Chapel, 76th Street, and Amsterdam Avenue, New York City, on April 19. She was survived by her daughters, Longfellow and Cohen.

Malvina died in London, England in 1962 at the age of 73.

Princess Niloufer | beautiful women in the world

H.H. Princess Niloufer (full name: Princess Niloufer Khanum Sultana) was one of the last princesses of the Ottoman empire. She was born at the Göztepe Palace in Istanbul Turkey on January 4, 1916. She was the only daughter of HIH Adile Sultan, a Daughter of Shehzade Mehmed Selahaddin. He was the oldest Son of Murad V. Niloufer's Father was: Damad Moralizada Salar ud-din Bey Effendi She was the first cousin of Princess Hadice Hayriye Ayshe Dürrühsehvar.
When several years passed, and still Niloufer had not conceived, she consulted various doctors in Europe and was planning to go to America for a medical visit. During this time, one of her maids died during childbirth. At that time, there was no specialized hospital for children and mothers. Niloufer’s resolve to build such a hospital materialized in the form of the current Niloufer Hospital in Red Hills.

While her private life seemed empty due to lack of children, her public life became very glittering. She was invited to several functions, inaugurated several events and became a torch-bearer for women’s advancement. During the Second World War, she obtained training as a nurse, and helped in relief efforts. Her beauty, and her active public life, received mention in the press, and frequently on cover pages of magazines. She was judged one of the 10 most beautiful women in the world, and was offered several roles in films.

She married Prince Moazzam Jah, who was the second son of Nizam of Hyderabad, on 21 February 1931 in France.Divorced 1952. Being one of the better educated members of her family she established the Niloufer Hospital for Women and Children in Red Hills, Hyderabad, India. She died in Paris, France on June 12, 1989.

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Alexondra Lee (born February 6, 1975) is an American actress. She is married to actor Stephen Dunham.

She was born in Pennsylvania to parents Mae and Harry Lee. Lee studied ballet since the age of four and has danced in The Nutcracker Suite with the New York City Ballet Company. She began dancing with the New York City Ballet at the age of seven. She starred in the short-lived Special Unit 2 as Detective Kate Benson and had a regular role as Callie on Party of Five.
In 2006, Alexondra appeared as one of five corpses recounting the tales of their death on a CSI:Crime Scene Investigation episode entitled "Toe Tags" The Episode originally aired on October 5th,2006.

Lee was voted one of Stuff Magazine's 101 "Most Beautiful Women in The World" in 2001. She was ranked | 81.

Nosheen Idrees | beautiful women in the world

Nosheen Idrees is the 22 year old in 2008 from Jhelum, Pakistan who represented Pakistan in the Miss Earth pageant. Nosheen was crowned the third runner up for the Miss Pakistan World pageant on the 23rd of May 2008.
A student of communications at the University of Sheffield, Nosheen hopes to bring back a title that can put Pakistan as a country that has the most beautiful women in the world. In her own words, Nosheen says, "Pakistan is a country where the most beautiful women exist and it's a shame that it's not recognized for it." Nosheen is set to change the perception of how the world looks at Pakistan and hopefully she says that she may be able to spread the message of peace for her country and be a great ambassador for the youth.

Miss Pakistan Earth 2008

Nosheen Idrees was born to A Migrant Catholic family, In Manchester in 1986. 22 year-old Nosheen Idress traveled on behalf of the Miss Pakistan World organization to represent Pakistan in Miss Earth 2008 pageant. Idrees travelled from her home of Manchester in the United Kingdom and compete against 75 countries from around the world in the Miss Earth pageant in November 2008 which was broadcasted to an estimated 1.3 billion homes around the world. The Miss Earth pageant took place in Manila, Philippines.

The Miss Pakistan World organization still holds its events in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada as political and religious rulings still forbid events of its kind to be held in Pakistan.
Originally from Jhelum, Pakistan, Idress originally took 4th place in the Miss Pakistan World 2008 pageant on May 23 in Toronto, but was hand selected by Miss Pakistan World to represent the organization in Manila, Philippines.
Idress looks to focus on Cancer research as her platform. A modern girl at heart though, she references Sarah Jessica Parker and Tyra Banks as two of her favourite female celebrities. She responds closely to "inspiring and strong women". The Pakistan beauty hopes to inspire women and to "represent the country where I get my roots".
Nosheen Idrees represented Pakistan for the second time in the Miss Asia International 2008 pageant in December 2008 in Beijing, China.