China's Next Top Model, Cycle 2

China's Next Top Model (CNTM, in China and ChiNTM in fansites) is a Chinese reality TV series, based on the international version and spin-off to the original, America's Next Top Model.
The show was produced by Chinese television subscription channel Sichuan Satellite TV (zh:四川衛視)
and it is filmed in Shanghai, the casting was held in selected cities of China Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, and Guangzhou. It began airing in January 9 and airs at 10:50 PM, presented by Chinese Supermodel Li Ai.
In the end, Meng Yao, 21, from Harbin, China's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 won the competition.
Sundai Love 18 Phoenix Arizona Lulu Braithwaite Brooklyn New York Kara Vincent 20 Los Angeles California 5th Brittany Markert 21 New York, New York Nicole Fox 18 Orlando Florida Rae Weiz 21 Minneapolis, Minnesota Erin Wagner 18 Chicago Illinois


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