beautiful singer Ashanty

Syahrini always look glamorous as a duet with Anang Hermansyah. Ashanty that became a substitute Syahrini, refusing to follow the style Syahrini appearance when appearing together Anand later.

"I baseball should be glamorous. If I was normal and natural course. But of course not senatural like without makeup at all. If the clothes are designer may use the services my friend," he said when met at Studio MNCVv, Pondok Gede, East Jakarta, on Friday (28/01/2011).

Currently, Ashanty and Anand is still preoccupied with the process of recording songs that will they bring. Liar hitmaker this estimate, one month longer officially launched her duet with Anand.

"We are now more concerned to record a duet that my friends also have known. It's almost finished. Maybe in the next month will be launched," he said.

Ashanty not think the media has become a fugitive, but the recording process is still ongoing. Originally, the singer who has released a new album to talk after her duet album in circulation.

"I was thinking about when his album was out, had asked his fellow journalists. It was still recording alone was much questioned. Actually, I was shocked and thought that going to baseball questions asked," he admitted.


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