Natural beauty tips

Natural beauty tips are often cheaper and they don’t contain a lot of chemicals like the regular kind of cosmetics that you buy at the cosmetic store. Plus they’re probably also better for your skin. Expensive cures can be more effective and may work for a short time but in the long run some of them aren’t all that good for you. Natural beauty tips on the other hand are good for your body and when something is healthy it will show on the outside. It’s really that simple.
So go natural!

Here are my favorite natural beauty tips for women:
Drink a lot of water. I know this sounds cliché but there’s nothing that can heal every part of the human body like water. That goes especially for your skin. Scientists recommend you drink two liters of water every day but recent findings suggest that you drink whenever you’re thirsty. (I suppose you still have to drink around 1,5 liters.) As far as I’m concerned that makes a lot more sense. Different individuals need different amounts of water. Not thirsty? Then get your body used to drinking water. You should be able to see a result in about two weeks. Keep a glass of water on your desk and take a sip every time you take a break to contemplate something. That’s what I do anyway. Do work-out or fitness training, jogging, dancing or whatever works for you. Me, I love taking long walks. I like it because you get to spend time outside and the fresh air will do wonders for your skin (unless you live in a big city). Getting your blood circulation up will make your skin look really healthy. I marvel at how I can look five years younger after coming home from a walk.
What kind of make-up removal do you use? Something natural or something with a lot of chemicals in it? I always use almond oil. You might need a bit more of it than you will of the regular kind of make-up removal but it’s worth it. Especially your eyelids get really dry after wearing make-up all day and almond oil will make them smooth again. Just use a cotton ball. Almond oil can be bought at health stores. 
Do you suffer from dry eczema or the red kind of spots that you can get from stress? Try Aloe vera if you haven’t done so already. I use something called Aloe vera gelly from Forever Living. I apply it on my eczema and they’re gone (yes, completely gone!) after 1-2 days. When they return I use some more. Aloe vera won’t cure the condition but it will take it away temporarily. I also use it in case I get an insect bite and it really works! I’m sure this can be used for a lot of skin conditions but if your condition is severe I’d recommend you consult a physician before you do anything.


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