Beautiful at Every Age

Marion Keene (also known as Marion Davis) - was a big band singer in the early 1950s with British bands such as the Jack Parnell Orchestra and Oscar Rabin Band.

She performed with big bands as Marion Davis beginning at the age of sixteen. She married sax player Ronnie Keene, and later performed as Marion Keene in the late 1950s.

In 1960, she reached the finals of the United Kingdom Eurovision Song Contest with her song "Unexpectedly."
"She was a beautiful person in every way" says Ron Simmonds, fellow band member and close friend. Marion later appeared on television and cabaret in London's West End. Her second marriage was to trombone player, Ken Goldie.

Recordings include:
HMV 78rpm. In The Middle Of An Island/It's Not For Me To Say - (TG 350 with orchestra cond. by Frank Cordell)
HMV 78rpm (1956) "Fortune Teller/A Dangerous Age" (HMV 7M 395) Mono
RCA LOP 1001 Rose-Marie (Julie Andrews) Cast Member - RCA LOP 1001 (RD-27143 in England) 1958

In a letter published by the Hartlepool Mail on April 6, 1998, Marion Keene related her career memories starting with World War II.
"I remember coming out of the shelters and seeing Musgrove Street in complete devastation...I remember singing and tap dancing in the cellar. They used to shine a torch on me as though I was on stage.

From the Hartlepool Mail, April 6, 1998.
When I was 14 years I sang with Benny Nelson at the Queen's Rink, then joined Oscar Rabin when I was 16 years. I was offered a four year contract. From there I joined Eric Winstone, then freelanced with "Ambrose", Paul Adams, Felix King and others, then joined Jack Parnell for two years. I worked with Frankie Laine, Al Martino, Billy Holiday, Bob Hope and others.

I started my television career in 1956 with The Dave King Show, then Jimmy Wheeler, Ted Ray, Norman Wisdom, Dickie Henderson, Stanley Black, Bob Hope TV Special. All the shows I did were series so I was appearing to audiences of 20 million. They were live shows and so exciting. I also did commercials, Frys Turkish Delight, was very popular, also Dreft, Dairy Box and Dove Soap."

Marion now lives in Kent in a house filled with photographs and memories.


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