Ah Japan, home of bustling metropolises, cutting edge technology, and giant mutated monsters. For a lot of us, when we think about Japan, we think about everything cool about geek culture. You know, ninjas, robots, anime. And while they may lead the world in comic books, video games, and all other sorts of cool stuff, they also have their fair share of beautiful women. Here are 14 of the hottest Japanese women you’ve probably never heard of.

Arguably the biggest singer in Japan, Kumi Koda made her name not by having the best voice or the greatest songs. No, she did it the old fashioned way, by outsexying everyone else. Known for her provocative choreography and incredibly skimpy outfits, Koda quickly rose to fame with sexy video after sexy video. Still going strong today (her latest single is awesomely called “Lick Me”), Koda seems destined to remain at the top of the charts, and the top of fantasies, for a long time.
Waka Inoue got her start as a bikini model and quickly branched out to acting and is now a fixture on Japanese variety shows and dramas. Her nickname is “The Japanese Marilyn” because she has the same measurements as Marilyn Monroe. Hmm. A Japanese girl built like Marilyn Monroe with Angelina Jolie’s lips. You couldn’t have designed a sexier woman if you tried. And believe us, we have.

Another bikini model turned television personality, Aki Hoshino has ridden her two best assests almost to the top. Hoshino has produced tons of videos, appeared in thousands of magazines, and is on Japanese TV almost every night. Famous for showing as much cleavage as is humanly possible without taking off her shirt, Ms. Hoshino has a reputation as a ditzy airhead on camera. But offscreen, she’s a one woman conglomerate. Aki may act like a bimbo, but she’s laughing all the way to the bank.
Another singer, Namie Amuro holds the record in Japan for consecutive Top Ten Singles. For 14 years she had at least one song in the Top Ten every year. Born in Okinawa, Namie has set all kinds of trends and popularized tanned skin, tattoos, and blonde hair for women in Japan. She was so influential that she even had an entire style of dress named after her- Amaraa. And, in probably her greatest gift to Japanese culture and guys with school girl fetishes the world over, Namie was the one who first wore looses socks witha schoolgirl’s outfit. Namie Amuro, we salute you.

Known only as MEGUMI (although we’re not sure why it’s always capitalized), our next Japanese girl has been around for awhile, but she’s still one of the top idols. MEGUMI is beautiful, funny, and unlike the stereotypical Asian woman, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. A straight shooter, MEGUMI is well respected by woman for her older sister persona and by men for her – well, if we have to say… MEGUMI is a tough, sexy woman who can hold her own with anyone, and look amazing doing it.

The Japanese love cute. From lunch boxes to cars, TV characters to key chains, anything remotely cute and cuddly has a rabid fan base in Japan. And for most Japanese people, there’s nothing cuter in the world than Yuri Ebihara. Known as Ebi-chan (The Japanese love their nicknames), Ebihara is the eptiome of Cute Culture. A model by trade, hundreds of companies use her image to sell just about every conceivable product. At the height of her popularity, items of clothes would sell out all over Japan is she was photographed wearing them. She’s even the spokeswoman for her own shrimp burger at McDonald’s!
Reon Kadena made her name in idol videos. Sold at video shops, bookstores, vending machines, and even down at the local 7/11, idol videos are a massive business in Japan. They’re not cheap, but for fans of idols like Kadena, no price is too high too watch her dance around a beach in a bikini or cook lunch. Who are we kidding, if we could buy videos of girls like this at a vending machine, we would, too. We’ve previously featured Reon Kadena in a full gallery, check it out.

Yuina Ito may be hugely successful as a singer and actress in Japan, but she’s actually an American. Born in Los Angelas and raised in Hawaii to a Japanese father and a Korean-American mother, Ito combines all the beauty of Japan with the warmth and friendliness of the Aloha state. already a major star in Japan, Ito has also begun recording in English under the name Christine Ito, so who knows, you may get to see a lot more of her very soon.
Half-Japanese, Half-American Anna Tsuchiya is another Japanese star who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. A successful model, singer, and actress, the young Tsuchiya was asked by a reporter early in her career how she had such a sultry voice for such a young woman. Anna calmly said it was thanks to all the smoking and drinking she did as a teenager. The Japanese press wents nuts, but her fans didn’t care. To them, Tsuchiya’s bad girl image is what makes her great. At only 25, she’s a major star, a single mother, and smoking hot. She celebrated by releasing her latest album this year. It’s called “Nudy Show.” Did we mention how much we love this country?


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